Product of Papop

Complete Nitrification / Denitrification (CN/DN) for nitrogen removal

Complete Nitrification / Denitrification (CN/DN) is a process to remove nitrogen in the wastewater which has high protein or nitrogen content. It employs 2 groups of microbes i.e. nitrifying and denitrification bacteria to convert TKN to harmless nitrogen gas. This process has been developed, designed by Papop.

Wastewater with high protein/TKN can cause significant increase in oxygen uptake in a conventional activated sludge process. This is due to nitrifying bacteria uptake oxygen to convert TKN to nitrate. As such it requires more power in aeration and could result in the pH drop to below 6.5. This could lead to complete process failure.

Salient Features:

  • Convert TKN and Organic Nitrogen to harmless nitrogen gas with biological process
  • No need for chemical addition
  • Saving up to 50% aeration cost, power consumption and O&M)
  • High process stability
  • Proven process
  • Guaranteed output