Product of Papop

H2S Bio scrubber to treat biogas for the application in boiler and genset

Papop has developed a unique H2S Bio-scrubber for removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from the biogas in the past 10 years. This process will remove H2S to less than 200 ppmV which is suitable for application in boiler and Biogas Generator Set (Genset). Papop has completed over 40 installation of this process in Thailand.

Salient Features:

  • Maximum H2S removal up to 99%.
  • No chemical addition
  • Low O&M
  • Simple and effective backwash
  • Startup process in less than 7 days
  • Completely safe for your boiler and Genset

Scrubber ModelTankH2S Load (kg/d) max.
Papop-BioS-1Dia. 3.5 m H 11 m110*
Papop-BioS-2Dia. 4.0 m H 11 m150**


* Equivalent to biogas flowrate 30,000 Nm3/d H2S 2,500 ppm (Size for 250 ton/d starch industry)

*** Equivalent to biogas flowrate 35,000 Nm3/d H2S 3,000 ppm (Size for 300 ton/d starch industry or Palm Oil Mill 60 ton/hr FFB)