:: Production capacity Tons FFB per hour ::

:: Wastewater volume (m3 per day) ::
:: COD Wastewater (mg/L) ::
:: COD load (kg/d) ::
:: The amount of methane produced (cu.m. per day) ::
:: Amount of biogas produced (m3 per day) ::
:: Equivalent to fuel oil (liters per day) ::
:: Equivalent to LPG (kg per day) ::
:: Equivalent to natural gas (MM BTU per day) ::
:: Equivalent to electric power (unit per day) ::
:: Equivalent electric power (kW per hour) ::
:: Equivalent to CO2 reduction (tons per year) when using renewable electricity ::

Note: This is only a preliminary assessment and not guaranteed values. Actual figures depend on the properties of the raw materials into the system as well as the applied technology.