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Papop new website with Thailand’s first and only biogas calculator

Papop is the leading green tech company. Our core businesses are biogas, water reuse and solar. Our new website was launched on 9.9.9 which is at 9 AM on 9th September 2021. It is packed with updated content and the Thailand’s first and only online biogas calculator for various industries.

The new website features its new range of products. It has been designed with the concept of “Beautifully Minimal”. As a result, the new logo color has been applied in almost every aspect from the fonts to background color. This reflects in the modernization, renewable energy and the environment. It is a synergy between biogas, electricity production, water droplet and the fire.

Additionally, the new section includes the news and articles which are informative and is regularly updated. It is a great way to disseminate information on biogas, water reuse/recycling, wastewater and solar technology to the public. It is our strong believe that Thailand needs to promote renewable energy to achieve its net carbon emission by 2060 or earlier. Papop’s mission is also to accelerate this process.

You can calculate biogas production from various industries as below.