The Win and Loss of Community Power Plant Projects in Thailand (Part 2) 

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This article we will look at the locations of biomass and biogas community power plant projects, the discount FiTf rate and the final FiT rate for the winners. If you interested in how the Community Power Plant projects are originated or basic statistics , you can click the links to read the previous articles.  

The interesting data is on the distribution of these projects in various regions of Thailand.  

CPP - Biomass map

CPP - Biogas map

For the biomass projects, all of them are located mostly outside big cities of Thailand. Four biomass projects are located in Kalasin Province. The Northeastern region has 6 projects altogether which is the highest comparing to other parts of the country. Five projects are located in the Southern region. Other few projects are located in the Central, North and West regions. 

For the biogas projects, 9 of them are located in Chinag Rai Province which is located in the North Region. There are 5 and 4 projects in Kampang Phet Province and Nakorn Panom Province, respectively. 

Looking at both the biomass and biogas projects, it is obvious that Northeastern Region has the highest number of projects, followed by Northern Region. This is possible since Northeastern Region has abundant feedstocks and resources for the operation of these projects. 


When we look at the FiT discount value in the above figure, we can group the winners into 3 categories as follows: 

  • Biomass project size ≤ 3 MW: Average FiTf discount rate is 67.2 ± 17% 
  • Biomass project size 3 – 6 MW: Average FiTf discount rate is 70.1 ± 9% 
  • Biogas project size ≤ 3 MW: Average FiTf discount rate is 43.1 ± 6% 

Biomass projects gave very high FiTf discount could be due to the established power plant and already fixed investment cost. Furthermore, sizes of biomass projects are larger than the biogas projects so the economy of scale could play a role. On the other hand, biogas projects have much less discount that the biomass projects due to the higher investment cost and higher price of feedstock (energy crop).  

CPP - Discount

From the above figure, it is shown that the lowest total FiT for all 3 schemes range between 2.59 to 3.52 THB/kWh. These values are lower than the original rates set out by National Energy Policy Committee (NEPC). The lowest total FiT is seen for biomass projects with the capacity > 3MW at 2.59 THB/kWh. This value is really close to the average FiT rate for the SPP Hybrid Firm projects several years ago. The highest total FiT is on the biogas projects at 3.52 THB/kWh. 

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